YPMLBoxGameDid you pet zebras on a safari?  Parachute from a plane?  Meet someone famous?  While playing You’re Pulling My Leg! it doesn’t matter if it really happened, you just need to make other players believe it did!

When a player is asked a question, that player rolls the secret die to see if the answer should be true or made up. After hearing the story, the other players bet tokens on whether or not they think the story is true. Players win tokens when they guess right but lose tokens when they are wrong.  The first player to 21 tokens wins. In a game that promotes storytelling, creativity and building relationships, players better not let the other players pull their leg!

Contains:  220 cards w/614 questions about you, 100 tokens in velvet bag, true or false die, tin shaker, timer, instructions

• Ages 13 & up • 2-15 Players • 10-20 minutes per game

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“Terrific Icebreaker.”

“Great for new friends. This games makes a terrific icebreaker and getting-to-know-you activity.” – REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE

“The Best You Can Find”

“If you’re looking for a party game, this is the best you can find.” – BOARD GAME REVIEW

“Simple, Easy, and Fun to Play.”

“Great thought-provoking questions. Never became boring. Great group activity for teenagers and adults–everyone had a good time.” – iPARENTING MEDIA AWARDS

“Makes for a Lot of Laughing.”

“Great family, dating, group or party game. Helps you get to know one another better and makes for a lot of laughing. The more you play the more creative your answers will become.” – FAMILY REVIEW

“One of the Hottest Games of the Year.”


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Develops Positive Relationships

• Players learn to interact and get to know each other

• Players track reward

Develops Storytelling Skills

• Players create imaginative, compelling, and believable stories.

Promotes Positive Self Esteem

• Players feel listened to and valued because of their life experiences