JabberJot is launching on Kickstarter now! Race against the timer to jot out stories based on pictures and words that are different each round. The stories don’t have to make sense – they’re funnier when they don’t! When time runs out, players share their stories.

Win a point if you crammed all the elements into your story and win another point if the Jabber likes your story the best. You’ll laugh out loud when you hear the outrageous tales your friends and family create. The player with the most points wins!

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Contains: 75 Hipster Cards, 75 Globetrotter Cards, 75 Thingamajig Cards, 75 Theme Cards, 140 word tiles, timer, and instructions

• Ages 10 & up • 4-10 Players • 20-40 minutes per game

A New and Improved JabberJot is now on Kickstarter!

Promotes Interaction

Improves Creative Writing Skills

• Players write a complete story for each round

• Players must thread together random pictures and words into a story

Improves Vocabulary

• Word tiles are adjectives, nouns and verbs

Develops Positive Relationships

• Writing stories allows all players to express themselves

Develops Interpersonal Skills

• Opportunity to learn and practice skills needed for competitive situations

Encourages Higher Level Thinking

Useful in Educational Settings

• Teachers use this game to inspire students in their creative writing