PDGamePets have gone missing! Pet Detectives puts kids on the path to finding their fun, furry friends in order to become the best pet detective in town.

To find the lost pets, players must match Lost Pet Cards with the Found Pet Cards, which earn them reward money. After winning 100 Pet Dollars, a player buys Action Cards that add a new level of excitement to the game.

In the end, the player who finds the most pets is the winner, but all players will gain from the promotion of math, interpersonal and visual skills.

For added fun, this game includes 4 custom pet cards, so players can add their own pets to the game and rescue them too!

• Ages 7 & up   • 2-10 Detectives   • 20-30 minutes per game

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“Entertaining and Fun.”

“It’s entertaining and fun. Incorporates positive values and allows the whole family to play together.” – DR. TOY

“An Incredible Hit. Absolute Fun!”

“Our family testers found Pet Detectives to make a profound and positive impact in getting the family together for tons of fun and as an ice-breaker at birthday parties and sleepovers–even at Camp! It was an incredible hit. Absolute fun. We loved it!” – PARENT TO PARENT

“Completely Entertaining.”

“Results in a completely entertaining evening that you can play with your kids. The names of the animal characters will launch peals of laughter.” – THE NATIONAL PARENTING CENTER

“Had a Blast.”

“Our test family had a blast playing Pet Detectives. In fact, our young players wanted to play over and over again. His will love the adorable pictures of animals, and parents will love that their kids strengthen counting and memory skills.” – PARENT ZONE

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Reinforces Math Skills

• Players track reward

•Players match sets of objects

Promotes and Reinforces Visual Astuteness

• Practice distinguishing between animals and breeds

Encourages Higher Level Thinking

• Animal recognition
• Strategic thinking & memory skills