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Welcome to the wild and wacky stories that were written by players competing in JabberJot! Click here to register so that you can post your JabberJot story and vote for your favorites. If you are registered, click here to login.  Each month we’ll pick our favorite JabberJot story out of the Top 10 highest rated stories and post it here.

Congratulations to John Fox for writing the Story of the Month!
Allen Wolf, President, Morning Star Games

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lonly 05/24/07
Phil is a baby 09/12/05
Sweet and Shutdown 09/05/05
Poor Harold 09/06/05
Tragic Lonnie 01/08/06
Till Death Do us Part 11/09/05
Peter's Law 09/08/05
Into a Toad 09/07/05
Goats with Goatees 09/08/05
Chocolate Love 09/13/05
Suspicious Date 09/01/05
Creepy Lady 09/08/05
Bambee's Personal Ad 11/16/05
The big secret 09/08/05
Ninja Rap 09/17/05
Presidential Options 01/01/06
Moonlighting Clown 12/29/06
OOOOcolosileesharoony 06/17/06


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