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"One of the hottest new games of the year."
- NY1 News
"An innovative new game that breaks the mold on trivia games…a most original concept."
- Positive Image News
"Excellent game. Very clever. Fun party game!"
- Mensa Mind Games
Originally created for couples, this game allows players to get to know one another better. Our testing family includes two daughters ages 12 and 14 who enjoyed playing the game.
- Metrokids Magazine
Our Family Testers found You're Pulling My Leg! to make a profound and positive impact, in not only getting together for tons of fun as a family, but also as an ice-breaker at birthday parties and overnight sleepovers -- even at camp! IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE HIT! Absolute fun! We loved it!
- Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, CEO/founder of, author of "Mom CEO"
"... a cool and unique game."
- Andrew Babb,
"You're Pulling My Leg" brings laughs and builds relationships… Playing the game sharpens player's skills in discerning the truth and telling stories."
- Edplay
"I'm impressed that a new company has produced a game with A+ quality components."
- Tom Vasel, RPGnet
"It's easy to learn. It's different every time it's played, and the game changes based on the group that's playing - all components of what constitutes a potential hit in the adult game market."
- The Toy Guy
"You're Pulling My Leg!" is an excellent dating game (which is why it was originally created). The game helps you to get to know one another better and also makes for a lot of laughing together. The more you play the more creative your answers will become."
- Janet H, Family Review
A simple game with a lot of "fun" value.
- Edplay - Game Night Review
Simple, easy and fun to play. There were some great, thought-provoking questions.
- iParenting Media Awards
This award winning game will test just how well you know your family and friends...Sure to be a hit at slumber parties, on vacations or at dinner parties, You're Pulling My Leg! is great fun.
- BC Parent
fun, imaginative and creative
- Yussie Wolf, Brooklyn College Review
This game makes a terrific icebreaker and getting-to-know-you activity.
- Real Simple Magazine
Parent/Teacher Reviews
There were some great, thought-provoking questions. There are so many cards the game never became boring. Storytelling is a great group activity for teenagers and adults -- everyone had a good time trying to figure out who was being truthful and who was not. Everyone liked the fact that a question posed by a previous asker could be repeated by a new asker if they wanted to.
- Phil Warner
It is compact and can be taken anywhere to play. Simple, easy and fun to play. Enjoyed playing in a group setting.
- Maria Porter
I think the most positive characteristic of the game Truth or Fib is that you have a lot of fun learning things that you didn't know about people.
- Jan Leeper
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