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Everyone enjoyed the game, You're Pulling My Leg, Jr. The kids got a big kick out of it and just could not stop laughing.
- Jodie Lynn, parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, author of "Mommy - CEO"
"One of the hottest new games of the year."
- NY1 News
Laugh out loud funny!
- New York Amsterdam News
"Sure to be a hit at slumber parties, on vacations or at dinner parties, "You're Pulling My Leg!" is great fun."
- Elizabeth Shaffer, BC Parent
"I'm impressed that a new company has produced a game with A+ quality components."
- Tom Vasel, RPGnet
"You're Pulling My Leg" brings laughs and builds relationships… Playing the game sharpens player's skills in discerning the truth and telling stories."
- Edplay
"It's easy to learn. It's different every time it's played, and the game changes based on the group that's playing - all components of what constitutes a potential hit in the adult game market."
- The Toy Guy
You're Pulling My Leg! Junior teaches while challenging children to understand what makes an interesting, compelling and believable'll be surprised how much you learn either about your own kids or about others.
- The National Parenting Center
The kids like the game because it starts a discussion between them. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's a good reading tool for them.
- Inside Bay Area
fun and unique
- Yussie Wolf, Brooklyn College Review
This game makes a terrific icebreaker and getting-to-know-you activity.
- Real Simple Magazine
Think you can fool your friends? In You're Pulling My Leg Junior by Morning Star Games, players try to fool each other with wacky answers to outrageous questions.
- Knucklebones Magazine
Parent/Teacher Reviews
This is pure fun! We loved this game. It made us laugh hysterically. The idea of trying to bluff each other is classic and we really enjoyed ourselves. Better yet, I love the container. These tin boxes are a wonderful way to prolong the life of a game, and everything is stored so neatly.
- Kathy Ford
This game can be used as a writing activity. We played it as a whole class to work on coming up with ideas to create stories. The students were motivated, engaged and interested the entire time.
- Teacher comment
You're Pulling My Leg! Junior is fun. It teaches a kid how to know if someone is telling the truth or not. A new version of truth or dare without the dire consequences.
- Joyce Matthews
This game really encourages the players to interact and gives them a chance to learn about each other through the stories that are told. It would be a really good icebreaker for groups of all ages to play.
- Dawn Nelson
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