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February 22, 2007
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Morning Star Games
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Morning Star Games Named “Best Toy Line of the Year”
Toy Line Featured at the American International Toy Fair

(Santa Monica, CA) – Morning Star Games’ line of award-winning games was named “Best Toy Line of the Year” by Parent to Parent.

Parent to Parent raves “Morning Star Games was chosen as the Best Toy Line based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Family Testers. Their games provide hours of fun and surpass our tough testing criteria.  They challenge memory skills and encourage abstract reasoning, logical thinking and strategy.  Our Family Testers also appreciated the intellectual stimulation, play and laughter which are hallmarks of Morning Star Games.  Players enjoy the interaction and challenges which inspire everyone to simply appreciate each other for themselves.”

Parent to Parent was established in 1998 by syndicated family/health columnist and author, Jodie Lynn.  The award committees are comprised of experts from across the United States who are involved with children on a daily basis.  The committees look for products that entertain and teach while inspiring imagination and creativity.  Morning Star Games’ product line was tested and evaluated for how the games help a child and family grow ethically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, physically and educationally while being entertaining and fun.

Morning Star Games’ honored game line includes You’re Pulling My Leg!, You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, Pet Detectives, JabberJot and Slap Wacky!.  The creator of the games and president of Morning Star Games, Allen Wolf, was elated upon hearing the news.  “I created each game to be fun, while challenging people’s creativity.  I am ecstatic that the games I created are impacting people’s lives.  How cool is that?”

In addition to creating board games, Wolf is also an award-winning filmmaker.  He recently completed writing, directing and producing his first feature film, In My Sleep, in which his You’re Pulling My Leg! game is prominently featured.   

Morning Star Games is showcasing their award-winning games at the American International Toy Fair, Booth #1972.  Games are available at specialty toy and game stores or on the web at

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