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October 03, 2005
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Pet Detectives Named Best 100 Children’s Products of the Year

Prestigious Award to Morning Star Games given by childhood expert Dr. Toy

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA — “Pet Detectives,” the children’s game from Morning Star Games, was named one of the Best 100 Children’s Products of 2005 by child development expert Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., otherwise known as Dr. Toy.

Each year, Dr. Toy selects the 100 best products of the year based on a number of criteria including design, educational value, innovation/originality, play value, quality and durability.  In her review of “Pet Detectives,” Dr. Toy remarks “This is a game that allows the whole family to play together with pictures of many animals.  It incorporates positive values because players are rewarded for kindness, taking care of animals and helping each other.  It’s entertaining and fun and can be transformed into different other games such as Go Fish or a memory game.”

Pet Detectives debuted this year and has quickly become a favorite for children and families around the world.  “Being included in Dr. Toy’s list is a real honor” says the games creator, Allen Wolf.  Dr. Toy explains why she created the 100 best list “Everyone wants the best quality products for their expenditures.  My selections are based on a wide array of choices and shorten the time it takes consumers, parents and teachers to find products.”  

Pet Detectives features 40 different breeds of animals from dogs and cats to snake, toads and a potbelly pig.  “Kids love the pictures of the animals and always giggle at the names of the pets” Wolf explains.  Pet names include Professor Wigglesworth the Boston Terrier, Chico the Chicken, Lord Wellington the Springer Spaniel and Tango the Toad.  

Wolf recalls the process of naming each pet.  “I tried to find names that would bring out something about the character in the animal.”  Several pets in the game are based on Wolf’s own life.  “Goldie is the name of my parent’s cat and Little Miss Trinket the III was my grandmother’s Yorkshire Terrier.”  The instructions include a picture of Wolf’s childhood pet, Jill.  “I included custom cards so people can add their own pets into the game” Wolf explains.

To play the game, players race against other pet detectives to find the dozens of pets that have been lost.  When players match a Lost Pet Card to a Found Pet Card, they have found the pet and win the reward money.   When players build up 100 pet dollars, they have to buy an action card.  Action cards can be helpful or it can work against them.  The detective to find the most lost pets by the end of the game wins.

The game is packaged in a traditional box or in an embossed tin lunchbox.  “Kids love the lunchbox look and parents appreciate the durability” Wolf comments.  

Games can be purchased at local toy and game stores or on the web at  MSRP is $17.99 for the tin/$12.99 for the box.

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