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September 19, 2005
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Morning Star Games
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Award-Winning Game Gets Makeover

“Truth or Fib” game now a collectors item - relaunched as “You’re Pulling My Leg!”

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA — The multi-award winning game “Truth or Fib” has been re-launched in a colorful new version as “You’re Pulling My Leg!” The creator of the game, Filmmaker Allen Wolf, explains “I wanted to make the name of the game more accessible. The new version focuses more on how the players tell stories about their lives.”

The name change was not a difficult transition considering that Morning Star Games sold out of “Truth or Fib” in the holiday season of 2004. “I was thrilled that the game became so popular” Wolf muses. “Now it is a collectors item since that version will never be made again.”

The new version features more questions, larger tokens and a nostalgic design illustrated by award-winning artist David Hile. Hile is a nationally recognized illustrator who has won over 35 prestigious awards for his advertising and editorial illustrations. The game continues to be offered in a lunchbox style tin but is now also available in a box version at a lower price.

Wolf originally created the game for two good friends to help them get to know each other. That couple ended up getting married but Wolf explains “results will vary.”

In the game, players try to fool each other with outrageous stories about your lives. When a card is drawn and a question is asked, the secret roll of the die tells you if your answer should be true or made up. When you hear a story, bet tokens on whether you think your friend is telling the truth or pulling your leg. You'll win tokens if you're right but lose them if you're wrong. Think you know your friends? How well do they know you? Bluff other players but don't let them fool you. Score enough tokens and you win the game.

Games can be purchased at local toy and game stores or on the web at MSRP is $24.99 for the tin/$19.99 for the box.

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