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You're Pulling My Leg!
  • 13 to Adult
  • 2 or more players
  • Minutes to learn
  • 20-40 minutes per game

  • 220 cards w/614 questions about your life
  • 100 tokens & velvet bag
  • True or False die
  • Tin shaker
  • Timer
  • Collectible tin box

  • You'll laugh out loud as you and your friends try to fool each other with outrageous stories about your lives. When a card is drawn and a question is asked, the secret roll of the die tells you if your answer should be true or made up.

    When you hear a story, bet tokens on whether you think your friend is telling the truth or pulling your leg. You'll win tokens if you're right but lose them if you're wrong. Think you know your friends? How well do they know you? Bluff other players but don't let them fool you. Score enough tokens and you win!

    Tell me about...

    a time in your life
    you would repeat.

    something you got away with as a kid.

    something you learned about life from
    your mother.

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