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Slap Wacky

Promotes interaction

  • Recommended for groups of 2-6 players
  • All players are involved in every round

Develops interpersonal skills

  • Opportunity to learn/practice social skills in a competitive setting

Promotes and reinforces visual astuteness

  • Practice distinguishing colors and shapes quickly

Increases eye-hand coordination

  • Players quickly locate cards with matching patterns

Reinforces math skills

  • Reinforces ability to match sets of objects and recognize patterns
  • Develops and reinforces strategies for matching
  • Reinforces comparing, sorting and classifying skills
  • Promotes identification of similarities and differences in sets of objects

Motivates players

  • Players are rewarded for creating matching shape patterns
  • Easy to learn; quick to play
  • Players learn strategies to improve play

Encourages higher level thinking

Useful in Educational Settings

Encourages Higher Level Thinking
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