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You're Pulling My Leg! & You're Pulling My Leg! Junior

Promotes Interaction

Recommended for groups of 2-10 players

All players are involved in every round

Develops Interpersonal Skills

Opportunity to learn/practice social skills in a competitive setting

All players are invited to share stories from their lives

Questions in the game are designed to give players the opportunity to open up about their lives

Develops Positive Relationships

All players get the chance to express themselves

Through their responses, players get to know each other better

Players are asked about their lives and feel valued for their life experiences

Peer conflicts are resolved as players learn to interact and appreciate one another

Promotes Self Esteem

Players get the opportunity to discern whether other players are telling the truth or not and are awarded for guessing correctly

Players exchange stories from their lives

Motivates Players

Players are rewarded for figuring out the truth during each round

Easy to learn; quick to play

Players learn strategies to improve play

Encourages Higher Level Thinking

Players study one another to discern if they are telling the truth for each round.

Players share thoughts and feelings about their lives

Players examine their lives to answer each question

Useful in Educational Settings

Schools use this game to help students interact and get to know one another

History classes have students study a historical figure and then play the game with them as that character
Encourages Higher Level Thinking
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