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Promotes Interaction

Recommended for groups of 4-10 players

All players are involved in every round

Players give feedback on stories

Improves Creative Writing Skills

Players write a complete story for each round

Players must thread together random pictures and words into a story

Players express themselves creatively

Players must think creatively for each round

Improves Vocabulary

Each round contains three different words

Word tiles are adjectives, nouns and verbs

Develops Positive Relationships

Rotating role of jabber (judge) allows all players to express themselves

Writing stories allows all players to express themselves

Through their stories and responses, players get to know each other

Develops Interpersonal Skills

Opportunity to learn and practice skills needed for competitive situations

Motivates Players

Easy to learn; quick to play

Players are rewarded for clever stories

Encourages Higher Level Thinking

The jabber often selects clever or witty stories

Players learn to express thoughts in short periods of time

Useful in Educational Settings

Teachers use this game to inspire students in their creative writing
Encourages Higher Level Thinking
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